The Community Directory is intended to provide service provider contact information to residents of Smithers and area, professionals seeking to make contact with others, visitors to Smithers and to those seeking information from outside of Smithers.

Any community organization that provides a community service in the Smithers Area is invited to have their organization listed on the Directory. The Directory includes information regarding the organization’s name, type of service provided, key goals of the organization and contact information.

To have your information ADDED to the DIRECTORY please download, print, and complete the Smithers Community Directory Submission Form. Upon completion please email the form to and we will review/post your organization.

Title Phone
Heather Good MSW RSW
Here to Help 310-6789
HIGH ROAD Services Society 250-847-2285 Fax: 250-847-2261
Homelessness Prevention Program - Smithers Community Services Association 250-847-9515 Fax: 250-847-3712
Hospice Palliative Care Program - Northern Health 1-866-661-6607
I-Kitchen Phone: 250-847-4820 Fax: 250-847-4830
Infant Development Program - Northwest Child development Centre 250-847-4122 Fax: 250-847-9338 416-425-2949
Kelty Mental Health 1-800-665-1822
Methadone Clinic - Northern Health 250-847-2611
Ministry of Children and Family Development
Moms Stop the Harm
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233
New Directions Holdings Ltd. 250-847-1954 Fax: 250-847-1974
Northern B.C. Cancer Agency 250-645-7323 or toll-free (within BC) 1-855-775-7300, ext. 687323 Fax: 250-967-0128
Northern BC Crisis Line 1-888-562-1214
Northern Centre for Structural Integration 250-877-9579
Northern Society for Domestic Peace 250-847-9000 Fax: 250-847-8911
Northwest Child Development Centre Phone: 250-847-4122 Fax: 1-778-648-2032
Northwest Tobacco Reduction Program 250-631-4172
Occupational Therapy (OT) - Northwest Child Development Centre 250-847-4122 Fax: 250-847-9338
Office of the Wet'suwet'en 250-847-3630 Fax: 250-847-5381
Office of the Wet’suwet’en - ANABIP Program ANABIP - 250-877-5090 Fax: 250-847-5381
Options for Sexual Health Clinic 250-847-6400 Fax: 250-847-5908
Outreach (Stopping the Violence) - Northern Society for Domestic Peace Phone: 250-847-9000 Fax: 250-847-8911
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids 212-922-1560
Passage Transition House 24 Hour Shelter - Northern Society for Domestic Peace 250-847-2595 Fax: 250-847-2513
Physio Therapy - Northwest Child Development Centre 250-847-4122 Fax: 250-847-9338
Positive Living Northwest Phone: 250-877-0042 or 1-866-877-0042 Fax: 250-877-0047
Princess Neighbourhood Gardens 250-847-9728