WCG-JobWave and Triumph Vocational Services




JobWave supports individuals receiving income assistance from the B.C. Ministry of Social Development to re-enter the workforce. Our team of experienced and dedicated career professionals will help you achieve your employment goal in today’s changing economy.

JobWave provides employment services and supports designed to meet the needs of our clients. JobWave delivers the BC Employment Program for the B.C. Ministry of Social Development.

The three primary objectives of the program are:

1. Clients who are employable will be assisted to reach independence as quickly as possible through sustainable employment;

2. Clients who have barriers to employment will be assisted to achieve progress along the Employment Continuum through increased employability and connections with community services; and

3. The Ministry will achieve improved administrative efficiencies in employment programming.

Triumph Vocational Services:

At Triumph, you’ll work one-on-one with a Vocational Coach to identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. We offer a full range of customized services, including:

career exploration and employment planning




disability supports

work/volunteer experience and paid job placements

on-the-job support and follow-up

self-employment services

Whether you’re interested in developing life and work skills, finding a job or volunteering in your community, we’ll tailor the program to meet your needs.

Eligibility for Triumph:

Triumph Vocational Services is available to all British Columbians with a medically verifiable disability, regardless of whether they are currently employed or receiving income assistance. Call today to find out more about this voluntary program.


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